War Eagle!!!!!

Here in Auburn, we are LOVING our victory!  Pictures of Toomer's coming soon!
War Eagle!!!

Christmas with the Kimbrells!

Molly was so tired from our Christmas activities!

Bella Grace wanted to paint her cookies with icing!  Santa likes them better that way!

Santa came!

We had to make chocolate milk for Santa, again BG said it was his favorite!

I think this is the BEST gift we got!  She LOVES it and really wants to earn those smiley faces! :)

As always, we love the box more than the presents! :)

Mommy's Christmas gift!!!  Oh my goodness!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
The Kimbrell Family

Christmas with Papa and Grand...

Christmas vacation...

It is day 3 of my Christmas vacation!  I actually did not have to set an alarm today!  YAY!  We've been making preparations for so many things this week!  We are going to be a part of a special surprise for a friend, travel to see the grandparents, and of course CHRISTmas! :)

I saw this video on Facebook and just thought it was too good not to share!
I hope each of you are enjoying your Christmas week!

Please excuse the blog...

Please excuse the blog as I am trying to change it.  The hubby is finally finished with his semester in grad school so he can help!  It bothers me to leave it like it is for any amount of time, but I am trying to "let it go." :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Bella Grace's Farm Day!

Bella Grace recently had a Farm Day at school!  This was their culminating activity to wrap up their farm theme!  She was all decked out in farmer attire and had a blast!

How fun does that look!!! :)