Bella Grace goes to "big girl school!"

Bella Grace is now going to a 4 day program at my school. She goes for 2 1/2 hours a day! She gets to come with me to school (which is so much fun) and then Daddy and Grayson pick her up! She absolutely loves it and can recall everything she did to tell me when I get home. Every morning we hear "can I stay a REALLY longer time today?" It is too cute! Here are some pictures of her first day!

We love our new backpack and lunch box! :)

Posing in Mommy's classroom before going to our big girl classroom!

Waiting outside for morning play group!
Can you tell she is excited?

You can kind of see brother in the background--the whole family had to go on the first day!

Signing in for the first time!


We started back ballet on Saturday! We are now at Rising Starz and we LOVE IT!!! Bella Grace's teacher is absolutely precious and I love that it is on Saturday! :)

My classroom...

I am quite excited for the beginning of the school year! There isn't any project work hanging from the ceiling so it looks bare to me!! :) Hope you enjoy!

1st whole room view

Please excuse the fact that some of the signs are not "straight." This is my center choice board. The kids have name tags that hang on the hooks.

Computer center and word wall


Calendar time!

All of my bookshelves are polka-dotted!

Writing Center

Reading center

I am super proud of my new chair pockets! My sweet mother made them! They are all blue canvas but they have different color polka-dot ribbon for each table!

3rd whole room view

:) Hope everyone is having a great start of school!