Happy Halloween!

This week we went to the pumpkin patch, carved our pumpkins, made a special ghost treat for Bella Grace's class and teachers, and went to the downtown trick or treat! 

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Carving Bella Grace's pumpkin...
(she chose Cinderella)

Please excuse my children's pumpkin carving clothes and sheet--I DO NOT LIKE pumpkin yuckiness! :)

We still have to carve Grayson's bumpy pumpkin tomorrow!

Auburn's Downtown Trick-Or-Treat

We loved the balloon more than anything!

Trick or Treating at Aunt Erica's!

Precious Puppy!
He was supposed to be a frog (the princess and the frog), however all I could find was a red-eyed tree frog and I didn't like it!

Princess Bella Grace

Ghost Treats for Bella Grace's class...

She helped stir the chocolate and put some of the eyes on!

Happy Halloween!!!!!
The Kimbrells

Auburn Football

I am planning an all out picture day with these same matching outfits soon, but last weekend I had to dress them up and take a few practice shots! Enjoy and WAR EAGLE!

This looks like a random picture, but while at Samford Hall, we went across the street to the Chapel (where we got married) and this picture was priceless!

Hi, my name is Meaghan, and I am a nerd!

I know, I know, this post will be so NERDY! But I have to share my accomplishments! :) Today I hemmed Bella Grace's dress (for the first time) by myself, and BY HAND!! WHOO HOO! :) This is my first step in proving to DeWayne I can handle a monogramming machine! Think of all the money we could save if I could do it by myself! As you know, Bella Grace does not step foot out of the house unless she is smocked or monogrammed! I know--I NEED HELP! :)