Happy 30th Birthday DeWayne!!!

Today we celebrated DeWayne's 30th birthday with a surprise brunch! I had been planning for a couple of weeks and somehow managed to keep the secret from him!

Happy 30th Birthday DeWayne!
I love you!

Uncle Eric (1), D, and G

Make a wish!

You know your getting old with that many candles! Hehe!

Papa and G


Brayden and BG

Aunt Rayna, Brayden, and Uncle Eric (2)

It says the word "thirty" in different languages, and of course Auburn colors! :)

Classroom Blog

Here is my new classroom blog!!! It's still a work in progress! I need to add many more things, but I thought I'd share!

War Eagle!

Saturdays around here are spent going to, watching, and listening to AUBURN football!!!

Sadly I will not be at today's game, we all can't go with a three year old and a one year old (who by the way HATES new people, loud noises, and would probably be scared half to death)! So Daddy is tailgating and at the game today while the three of us are cleaning, making birthday preparations (Daddy's big 3-0 is coming up this week), and creating my classroom blog!!!

Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL game day Saturday!