My Ipod...

So lately we've been spending a lot of time inside--WAY TOO HOT to go out! So we've been jamming out with my Ipod. Someone once asked me how in the world I can go from one extreme to the next and I'm not quite sure. But this is just a small insight to our world--you might not want to know what else I have on there!! :)



Michael Jackson



Hope you are all staying cool and enjoying summer! I've got to go dance and sing with my babies! :)


The summer is winding down very fast and it is making me so very sad! Today we had a playdate with Aunt Erica at Frog Legs! Grayson played with Hilton while Bella Grace got to enjoy the activities!

Last ballet class for the summer...

Last week was our very last ballet class for the summer! This was only a 6 week intro course to see if we like it or if we want to try gymnastics! They usually have parents wait in the waiting room each week so that you don't get to watch :( however this week we got to see the last 20 minutes of class! It was TOO cute! :) Bella Grace did such a great job! I am a very proud mommy! :) We will start back in August and she will do ballet and tap!!! Fun!

Please excuse the blog...

Since starting our blog, I've been so interested in the design of it all! I have been on the hunt for the "PERFECT" background! All of the free backgrounds are cute, but just not "me." So I was just about to have it designed by a professional when it dawned on me that my sweet husband is a COMPUTER SOFTWARE ENGINEER! All of the blog decor starts with that "html" stuff he speaks of! So--since we are super busy right now at the end of summer with all of our activities and hubby's work schedule, it's slowly getting there. So if you stop by, please excuse our slow progress! It will get done! :) Then it will be time to do my classroom blog! Whoo hoo! I already have a classroom web page but I think I like the blog format a bit better? We will see! :)
Hope you are having great weekend!

Parks, Painting, and Pools...

We are having a wonderful summer! This is our first summer where we can actually DO stuff (last summer we had a newborn)! We got a small baby pool for them to "swim" in and boy having we been "swimming!" I am suprised Bella Grace hasn't turned into a fish by now! We have to distract her with other activities (i.e. the park/painting/etc.) to get her out of it!

My baby is growing up...

My sweet, precious, baby girl is growing up! :( Sweet Bella Grace is going to "BIG GIRL SCHOOL" in August!!!! I am so blessed to work in a school that has a preschool program in it-in fact it is right across from my pod!!!!! Bella Grace will start in the 3 year old class in August! We will get to go to school together and Daddy and Grayson will pick her up at lunch! I am so excited to share this adventure with her, but I am also so very sad that she is growing up WAY TOO FAST! In two more years, she will be in kindergarten! Oh my!!!

We've been preparing all summer, but it wasn't quite "real" until this arrived...

What could be inside???

Her first backpack!!!!!

Now, if we can get it off of her, we can have it monogrammed!!!! :)

Grayson's FIRST Birthday!!!!!!

For Grayson's first birthday, I struggled for about a month with the "theme." If you know me, you know I LOVE polka dots!! So since this is the only time I could pull off polka dots for a boy--I had to do it! We had such a great time! We have some amazing family and friends--we are so very blessed!

This was my last project-the balloon wreath!

Favor bags!

You have to decorate the cups, don't you! :)

The party inspiration!

You can not imagine how long this banner took me--but it was worth it!

I cannot get over how the cake and cupcakes turned out!
My sweet friend, Diane Keith made them!

More polka dots in the food!

My two angels!

Papa, Grayson, Daddy

Bella Grace and Grand

Precious Bella Grace
Grayson and Hilton
Aunt Erica and Aunt Valerie

Yummy cake!!

I think he likes how it feels more than the eating it!

What was left!

Bella Grace and Taylor Grace

Uncle Eric and Grayson
Uncle Eric and Bella Grace

Grammy and her grandbabies!