My baby is growing up...

My sweet, precious, baby girl is growing up! :( Sweet Bella Grace is going to "BIG GIRL SCHOOL" in August!!!! I am so blessed to work in a school that has a preschool program in it-in fact it is right across from my pod!!!!! Bella Grace will start in the 3 year old class in August! We will get to go to school together and Daddy and Grayson will pick her up at lunch! I am so excited to share this adventure with her, but I am also so very sad that she is growing up WAY TOO FAST! In two more years, she will be in kindergarten! Oh my!!!

We've been preparing all summer, but it wasn't quite "real" until this arrived...

What could be inside???

Her first backpack!!!!!

Now, if we can get it off of her, we can have it monogrammed!!!! :)

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