Please excuse the blog...

Since starting our blog, I've been so interested in the design of it all! I have been on the hunt for the "PERFECT" background! All of the free backgrounds are cute, but just not "me." So I was just about to have it designed by a professional when it dawned on me that my sweet husband is a COMPUTER SOFTWARE ENGINEER! All of the blog decor starts with that "html" stuff he speaks of! So--since we are super busy right now at the end of summer with all of our activities and hubby's work schedule, it's slowly getting there. So if you stop by, please excuse our slow progress! It will get done! :) Then it will be time to do my classroom blog! Whoo hoo! I already have a classroom web page but I think I like the blog format a bit better? We will see! :)
Hope you are having great weekend!

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