Grayson's FIRST Birthday!!!!!!

For Grayson's first birthday, I struggled for about a month with the "theme." If you know me, you know I LOVE polka dots!! So since this is the only time I could pull off polka dots for a boy--I had to do it! We had such a great time! We have some amazing family and friends--we are so very blessed!

This was my last project-the balloon wreath!

Favor bags!

You have to decorate the cups, don't you! :)

The party inspiration!

You can not imagine how long this banner took me--but it was worth it!

I cannot get over how the cake and cupcakes turned out!
My sweet friend, Diane Keith made them!

More polka dots in the food!

My two angels!

Papa, Grayson, Daddy

Bella Grace and Grand

Precious Bella Grace
Grayson and Hilton
Aunt Erica and Aunt Valerie

Yummy cake!!

I think he likes how it feels more than the eating it!

What was left!

Bella Grace and Taylor Grace

Uncle Eric and Grayson
Uncle Eric and Bella Grace

Grammy and her grandbabies!


  1. so cute! i love all the fun details....planning parties is so much fun (especially when the birthday boy/girl is too young to have any input - hahahaha!) i love how bella grace's dress matches his birthday shirt - so creative! loved the labeled cups, too....i am all about the labels!

  2. Thanks Amy! I loved the slideshow from Libbi's birthday! Too cute!! :)

  3. Everything is just perfect. Love the colors you picked! Linking up to this week. :)